Covid and Some Ambiguous Sensation in the Pubic Bowl

3 min readMay 6, 2023

There’s something I sense that is off. Also discussion of anatomy and loosely about masturbation.

The first covid vax (Moderna) caused a one week delay to the start of my menstrual cycle, and before the bleeding ceased, my ovaries threw so many cysts. I described the ensuing time period as “reminiscent of the cannon section of the 1812 Overture,” wherein the pain as a result of these cysts, many of which I am sure popped, seemed comparable to heavy death projectiles launched with a great deal of gunpowder. My cycle then continued its normal length.

There was a bizarre sensation somewhere around my bladder, a sort of weakness that made urinating a task, and a buzzing, tickling feeling in a place I shouldn’t feel anything but pressure. This ‘tickling’ sensation was felt more strongly around my uterus, most notably felt as an interesting, not quite unpleasant, but not terribly pleasant sensation during masturbation.

The second shot (also Moderna) hit me like a truck a few hours after administration, and took from me about 24 hours. Life was maddening, tired, but impossible to navigate. The sensations returned for this, although they were primarily those of weakness.

I was lazy and did not receive my boosters, although had planned on simply doing a walk-in for the Omicron-focused booster at one point. That plan was dashed as I had not eaten that day and by the time I got through the line to pick up my medication, I just wanted something to correct my blood sugar and go home.

I got covid shortly after that. I was overcome by the weakness, but it took quite some time for the tickling, buzzing sensations to subside. Again, while not unpleasant, they weren’t pleasant either, just…an oddity.

Something I cannot figure out, nor parse, nor have any degree of understanding to try to find more on. Perhaps folks simply do not want to talk about their bladder buzzing and feeling squishy and weak, and perhaps folks do not want to talk about their uterus reacting unusually to masturbation. Who wants to talk about masturbation? On this internet? Where do you even go that isn’t pornographic?

Actually I do know a number of circles where you can do just that. I’m simply not brave enough to reach out.

I have finally received the updated booster, and I find the sensations returning again.

It is most likely to be an inflammatory response. Muscle aching and fatigue go alongside these particular vaccines, and we’re not even getting into the damage covid causes that we’re still discovering daily — plus with the new variant, we’re erring toward a fascinatingly awful selection of more body horror. The sensations are, however, peculiar. Instead of the overall sense of fatigue and ache, they feel differently.

And I return again, I sense that something is off. Perhaps this is a far more universal experience, but perhaps there is something in my wiring, structure, that is affected more. Tacking on additional unpleasant feelings that have increased, I worry — I worry of endometriosis, specifically.

But, I am tired, it is late, and I am certain to feel the full effects of the booster following a long sleep. Cheers to a wasted Saturday and buzzy peeing.




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