Re: Linburg-Comstock Variation

1 min readApr 20, 2023

Subtitle: Why I want to cut my hand off right now

Content: I am in so much pain but I have work to do with my primary hand, which has LC.

Temporary help: heat. Alleviates pain temporarily, not sure the mechanism behind this. Also compression, although this wrap is inadequate to really solve the issue — wrist guards with restrictive movement allow me to keep working and readjust my approach (draw from the elbow, not the wrist). Consider something like this Ace brace. Its metal stay provides support and reduces movement significantly, allowing the tendons more time to calm tf down.

Ideal help: I would like surgery.

Obstacles: Financials. Any wrist surgery will likely require a payment up front that I am not in possession of, and whether insurance will cover it or not I have yet to tell. As far as I am aware, insurance doesn’t even know that this problem exists, let alone a corrective option.

-Finding a surgeon who has either done or is willing to do said surgery.

-Life currently necessitates my hands both be working — caregiving for Grandma involves a great deal of lifting her, and I cannot really manage that if my hand is wrapped in a claw (cannot find the picture, splint is a big plastic brace with a scoop shape around the hand).

Thoughts: I’m going to go sawzall my hand off, bbl.




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