What if I don’t have anything to wear for a funeral?

1 min readJun 22, 2023

Or wake, visitation, viewing.

Controversial take, but fuck custom. Wear what is comfortable.

My dress pants don’t fit and I don’t have anything remotely close to a nice top. I’m wearing a plain black t-shirt and jeans. I’ll bring a plain black hoodie.

My grandma won’t care, and if anyone else who shows up does, fuck em. As long as I’ve known her, appearances were secondary and comfort was first.

I’m going in what fits me, is comfortable, and not flashy. That’s all. If someone wants to find disrespect in that, it’s their problem.

I largely used the same thought when picking clothing for her. She liked those flannels she had bunches of, I picked a couple in colors she liked and would look good, a cozy undershirt, the coziest socks I could find (firstly, if you put me in socks after my death I’m gonna haunt you, but if they’re not the coziest, I’m gonna double haunt you), and we went with cozy pants.

Who the hell are we dressing for?

Wear what is comfortable. Understated and neutral, I guess is my thinking, but comfortable.




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